Jason Koon analyserer en hånd fra EPT Deauville

Jason Koon

Jason Koon startede sin pokerkarriere online og har oplevet vedvarende succes siden skiftet til livescenen. På fem år har han akkumuleret $1,2 millioner i turneringsgevinster. Hans seneste cashes var ved en tredjeplads i PokerStars.com Caribbean Adventure $10,000 Six-Max event og en 39. plads i PokerStars.fr European Poker Tour Deauville Main Event.

I denne uges udgave af Strategy with Kristy-podcast, diskuterer Koon en interessant hånd, som han spillede på Dag 2 ved EPT Deauville.

Her er et uddrag fra interviewet (på engelsk):

"A player raises in early-middle position. The villain was an older French guy. Well, he wasn't a villain at all, he was a nice guy, but for the purposes of this hand history, he was the villain. He three-bets from the cutoff seat. I was in the small blind, and I looked down at two threes. Now, there are a couple good things about four-betting with pocket threes, and there are a couple very bad things. I did not have intentions of shipping over a five-bet as a six-bet. We didn't have that kind of dynamic. I didn't think he was that crazy of a player. I did think that the majority of the time he's three-betting there he's light [and would fold to a cold four-bet]."

"He may be less polarized than a regular player. What I mean by that is whenever a good player is three-betting 100 big blinds deep in a spot like that versus an early-to-middle position raise in a field that's fairly soft, he's probably doing it with hands like kings, aces and maybe queens if he's got an aggressive enough dynamic, then flatting the rest. I've seen a lot of European players, in particular, three-bet hands like ace-jack, ace-queen, eights, nines, tens, jacks and then flat four-bets with them. So, rather than play for stacks, they just want to get more money in the pot with a hand that they think is best, but then when they get four-bet, they call because they think they have a good hand. It's a little more ambiguous, but in this spot I felt like my implied odds were very, very high if I hit a set in the case that he calls my four-bet. My hand plays pretty terribly out of position for what it's worth. Basically, on any board that is ace-two-two or king-five-x or I flop a set, my hand is going to be very hard to play."

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