Main Event

Who's In The Room


It’s a petite field here in the Waterfront Airport Casino for Day 1a but it’s a field that’s certainly full of quality. The big screen is currently showing 71 entrants, but with nine tables setup, there are quite a few playing short-handed until a few late registrations take their seat.

Some of those in action here this afternoon include Michael Marvanek, Jesse McKenzie, Victor Chong, Jacky Wang, Octavian Voegele, Claudia Yum, Michael Kanaan, Daniel Laidlaw, Haifeng Xue, Stewart Ballard and Mishel Anunu, fresh off his victory in the PokerStars Warm Up earlier this week.

We also have a couple of past APPT champions with 2007 APPT Sydney champ Grant Levy and 2009 APPT Sydney winner Aaron Benton both taking their seats, while Team PokerStars has one representative here this afternoon with Raymond Wu flying the flag for the red spade.

Chip stacks
Mishel Anunu 20,000
Claudia Yum 20,000
Grant Levy au 20,000
Daniel Laidlaw au 20,000
Octavian Voegele 20,000
Haifeng Xue 20,000
Raymond Wu cn 20,000
Aaron Benton au 20,000
Michael Kanaan au 20,000
Jesse McKenzie au 20,000
Stewart Ballard 20,000
Victor Chong my 20,000
Jacky Wang 20,000
Michael Marvanek 20,000