Main Event

A Couple More Rumble


With such good structures and deep stacks here on the APPT, it’s not unusual to see a few players get a little out of line in the early stages. It's early days here, but we have noticed another couple of familiar players who have tangled in a hand.

Tam Truong may have had some success this year with a pair of Aussie Millions final tables, but his tournament is off to a rocky start here in Cebu.

Truong opened with a raise to 275 on the button before New Zealand’s Daniel Francis three-bet to 800 from the small blind. Not one to get pushed around, Truong came back with a four-bet to 1,875 but Francis was the real deal as he five-bet to 3,300. Truong gave a shrug and called as the flop landed {8-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{A-Hearts}.

Francis tapped the table and Truong tossed out 2,300. Francis called and the turn brought the {10-Hearts}. Both players slowed down and checked it as the {4-Spades} completed the board on the river. Francis checked again and Truong decided to take a stab with a bet of 3,500. After several minutes of thought, Francis made a reluctant call, but it was a good call as Truong quickly threw his cards straight into the muck.

Francis didn’t have to even show as he raked in a nice early pot to move up to 29,000. Truong is back down to 13,000.

Chip stacks
Daniel Francis 29,000
Tam Truong au 13,000

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