Main Event

Ballard Loses One


Readers may recognize the name Stewart Ballard from his 4th place finish at ANZPT Sydney. He'll be looking for a similiar result here in Cebu, but if early indications are correct, it won't be that easy.

We came to Ballard's table with a board showing {5-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}{8-Spades} and Ballard in the hand against one opponent. At this point there was almost 5,000 in the pot and Ballard opted to check. His opponent flicked out a bet of 3,000 and it was back on Ballard. After studying his opponent, Ballard decided to make the call.

When Ballard's opponent turned over {7-Clubs}{6-Clubs} for a rivered straight, Ballard would shake his head and let out a deep sigh as he slowly slid his cards towards the dealer.

Chip stacks
Stewart Ballard 15,000 -5,000

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