Main Event

Occy Takes Small Hit


When we came to Octavian Voegele's table there was around 5,000 already in the pot and Voegele was heading to a {6-Spades}{a-Spades}{3-Diamonds} flop against one opponent.

On the flop, Voegele's opponent led for 3,000 and Voegele made a quick call as a {q-Hearts} was dealt on the turn. This time the player checked and Voegele through out 5,000. It was then a check-raise to Voegele who bet 5,500. Voegele's opponent then raised it up to 12,500 and it was back on Voegele who decided to let his hand go.

Chip stacks
Octavian Voegele 38,000 -11,000

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