Main Event

A Taste of Asia


Yesterday we saw a field that was predominantly comprised of PokerStars qualifiers from all corners of the world. Today’s field is bigger but there is a notable shift towards players based in the Philippines, Macau and throughout Asia.

Some of those we’ve spotted include Bobo Chen, Sparrow Cheung, Kitty Kuo, Sixiao Li, Kim Gap Young, Charles Lam, Ted Wang, Daren Yoon, Mikael Rosen, Darren Judges, Minh Nguyen, PokerStars sponsored Cathy Hong, reigning ANZ Player of the Year Danny Chevalier and reigning Asia Player of the Year Hung-sheng “Shaq” Lin.

We also have two members of Team PokerStars here this afternoon with Celina Lin and defending APPT Cebu champion Vivian Im.

Chip stacks
Kitty Kuo tw 20,000
Sparrow Cheung hk 20,000
Sixiao Li cn 20,000
Kim Gap Young 20,000
Ted Wang 20,000
Charles Lam 20,000
Bobo Chen 20,000
Daren Yoon 20,000
Minh Nguyen au 20,000
Darren Judges 20,000
Danny Chevalier 20,000
Hung-Sheng Lin tw 20,000
Vivian Im kr 20,000
Celina Lin cn 20,000
Mikael Rosen 20,000