Main Event

Sixiao Gaining Ground Early


When we came to Sixiao Li’s table there was a flop showing {7-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} and Li was involved in a hand with one opponent. Li was first to act and opted to check. Her opponent then threw out a bet and before we could even see how much it was, the dealer had raked in the bet as Li had made it another 550 to go.

The player eventually made the call and the {3-Hearts} was dealt on the turn. This time both players would check and the {6-Clubs} would complete the board on the river. It didn’t take long for Li to flick out 1,500, with that bet making her opponent cringe. Eventually the player would opt to fold as Li took down the handy little pot early.

Chip stacks
Sixiao Li cn 22,500 2,500

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