Main Event

A Pot for One of the Good Guys


A small pre-flop raise from Wally Sombero induced Emi Hibuse and big blind Akira Ohyama. All three players checked a 9-high flop, {5-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}. When the turn fell {k-Clubs} and Ohyama checked again, Sombero tried a bet of 1,600. Hibuse snap-called; Ohyama folded. On the river {9-Spades}, Somebero repeated his 1,600-chip bet. Hibuse thought for only a moment before surrendering her cards to the dealer.

Chip stacks
Emi Hibuse jp 62,000 -1,000
Wally Sombero 32,000 4,000

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