Main Event

Gill And Wang


Carter Gill and Jacky Wang have been rumbling much of the afternoon, but the two seem quite friendly in their poker battle. At this point Wang is doing far better than gill chip-stack wise, but Gill's stack is certainly healthy enough to scare at this point in the tournament.

Recently we arrived at the table and Wang and Gill were involved in a hand against one other opponent. All three players checked a {k-Diamonds}{a-Spades}{a-Diamonds} flop and a {4-Hearts} was dealt on the turn.

This time Gill would bet 6,000 and Wang and the other player would get out of the way. At this point Gill flipped over an {a-Hearts} and him and Wang began chatting and making cracks at each other again.

Chip stacks
Carter Gill 75,000 -5,000

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