Main Event

How Do You Say Bubble in Mandarin


Bobo Chen limped from under the gun, but chip leader Jacky Wang didn’t spot it and tossed out a raise to just 4,900. The button called and the action was back on Chen.

“You just raise the usual amount when there’s a limper?” quizzed Carter Gill to Wang.

“I obviously didn’t see the limper,” explained Wang. “It could cost me a lot of money!”

With that, Chen leapt to his feet and splashed all of his chips into the middle in a massive overbet of over 100,000 – a move that Bobo has perfected over the years. Wang and the button player quickly folded.
“How do you say bubble in Mandarin?” posed Gill.

Chip stacks
Jacky Wang 270,000 -10,000
Bobo Chen 125,000 5,000

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