$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Opening Event

Boxell Knocks Out a Player Without a Showdown

Leo Boxell raised to 500 from middle position and was met with a three-bet to 1,500 by a player in the hijack. Action folded back to Boxell and he made the call, leading to a flop of {5-Hearts}{3-Spades}{K-Spades}. Boxell proceeded to check-call a bet of 1,250, and then check-called another bet of 3,500 on the {4-Clubs} turn.

When the {2-Spades} appeared on the river, Boxell checked a third time and his opponent moved all in for 4,500. Boxell snap called and the hijack just shook his head and tossed his cards to the muck. Boxell followed suit and tossed his own hand to the dealer, winning the pot without so much as a showdown.

Boxell is up to 20,000.

Chip stacks
20,000 10,000

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