$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Opening Event

Rubie's Heart Robs Grunter


When Grant Levy had his tournament life on the line holding {a-Clubs}{9-Clubs} against the {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts} of Brendon Rubie, it would be looking like it would most likely be a chopped pot and he would stay alive. When the window card was the {2-Clubs}, Levy may have even been feeling a little like he had a chance to take down the hand. However the next couple of cards were not so pretty, with {10-Hearts}{4-Hearts} hitting the felt.

The {4-Diamonds} on the turn was a safe card, but meant Levy was drawing to a split-pot. The {7-Hearts} on the river was enough for Rubie to take down the big hand as his stack edges closer to the million. Levy goes home with $4,500 for his time.

Chip stacks
Brendon Rubie au 900,000 190,000
Grant Levy au Ude

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