$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Opening Event

Naz Sibaei Eliminated in 8th Place ($19,000 AUD)


Sibaei barely had a leg to stand on after losing a huge portion of his stack to Brendon Rubie. In that hand Sibaei tried to get tricky and ran into a set. Sibaei didn't have a chance to get tricky on his elimination, having only a couple of big blinds.

Sibaei moved all in from early position holding {q-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} and both Manny Stavropoulos and Scott Wilson made the call as a {q-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{7-Clubs} flop was dealt. Sibaei watched on as Stavropoulos made a bet and got Wilson out of the hand.

Stavropoulos: {a-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}
Sibaei: {q-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}

Sibaei was in need of a miracle, but it wasn't meant to be as a {7-Hearts} sent Sibaei sent to the rail in 8th place.

Chip stacks
Manny Stavropoulos au 500,000 50,000
Naz Sibaei Ude

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