$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed

Who's In The House


A quick stroll around the Crown Poker Room and these are some of the recognizable faces we came across. There are still at least 25 players waiting to register for the event. Also note that late registration will be running for 4 hours today.

Chip stacks
Bruno Portaro au 10,000
Ricky Kroesen au 10,000
Tom Wing 10,000
Rob Angood 10,000
Jesse McKenzie au 10,000
Aaron Benton au 10,000
Leo Boxell au 10,000
David Gorr au 10,000
Josh Budin 10,000
Daniel Neilson au 10,000
Simon Watt nz 10,000
Mishel Anunu 10,000
Vesko Zmukic au 10,000
Amanda De Cesare au 10,000
Peter Aristidou au 10,000
Stevan Chew au 10,000
Phil Willcocks 10,000
Jonathan Karamalikis au 10,000
Ben Savage au 10,000
Andrew Scarfe 10,000