$1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounties

Greenstein Gone


Barry Greenstein has not returned from the break and we managed to get the details on how the bounty was busted from the tournament.

The cut-off opened for 800 and found a call from Michal Polchlopek in the small blind before Greenstein moved the last of his 4,000 chips in the middle. The cut-off moved out of the way, but with the $1,000 bounty on offer, Polchlopek made the call with {A-}{6-}. Greenstein was in good shape with {A-}{K-}, but on the flop of {4-}{5-}{6-}, Greenstein found himself searching for a king. The turn brought an {A-} and when the river also bricked with the {7-} and with that, Greenstein was gone.

Chip stacks
Barry Greenstein us Ude

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