$1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounties

Anton With a Tonne Of Chips


Anton Wigg, the former EPT Copenhagen champion, recently took month off the poker grind to travel Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He entered today after getting straight off the plane from Bali and feels fresh in body and in appetite for the game. He’s a hard player to stop once he’s got chips, and he has chips.

The Swede showed the aggressive side to his game with a four-bet to 7,540 from third position. There had been an UTG open to 1,700 and a three-bet to 3,700 in front of him but both players made a reluctant looking fold. Wigg has 63,000 chips and looks in control of his table.

Chip stacks
Anton Wigg se 63,000 45,000