$1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounties

Rosen Pole-Axed

Jamie Rosen is down to 18,000 chips after he had pocket aces cracked by the pocket kings of Michal Polchlopek.

Polchlopek opened to 2,500, Rosen raised to 6,000 and called after he faced a four-bet to 14,500.

The flop came {k-}{q-}{2-} and Rosen called a 12,000 bet from Polchlopek. The turn came {2-} and Rosen raised to 40,000 and called a shove after Polchlopek led for a relatively small 10,000.

Rosen tabled his aces but was faced with a set of kings. The river bricked and Polchlopek raked in the 150,000 pot.

Chip stacks
Michal Polchlopek pl 150,000
Jamie Rosen us 18,000 -54,000

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