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Kelly's Heroes

JP Kelly tangled with the recently very active Math More and managed to get him to make a painful looking bet-fold on the river.

Kelly opened to 4,300 and was called by More on the button en route to a {6-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{8-Hearts} flop. Kelly c-bet for 7,200 and and More called to see the {10-Diamonds}. This time Kelly checked, and called when the $10/$20 live cash game grinder bet 16,400.

The river paired the board with {8-Spades} and Kelly checked again and once more faced a 16,400 bet. The Brit took little time in testing his opponent for his final 35,000 as he check-raised all-in. More looked pained and took about five minutes to concede defeated.

Chip stacks
JP Kelly gb 127,000 75,000
Math More 35,000

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