$1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounties

Kelly has to Kopec One

Radoslaw Kopec is back on the up after doubling through JP Kelly with an interesting (shall we say) and aggressive play.

The two were heads-up to a {j-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} flop and Kopec checked to face a 8,600 bet from the Brit. He thought for a minute and then made a large check-raise all-in for 84,600. Kelly looked at the board and his opponent before making the call with {k-Spades}{10-Spades} for top pair.

Kopec table {a-Clubs}{q-Spades} for overs, a double-gustshot and back-door flush draw. He got instant service on the {a-Hearts} turn to claim the pot. Kelly looked perplexed at the play of his opponent and was left with 26,500.

Chip stacks
Radoslaw Kopec 185,000 95,000
JP Kelly gb 26,500 -100,500

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