$1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounties

$1,650 NLH Bounties Day 2

Welcome back for the Feature Event: $1,650 NLH Bounties. The remaining 32 players (from 315) come back today and one will walk away with the title, $119,500, and a gold ring.

The format yesterday was a straight freeze-out, but things have been mixed up a little for today. We move over to a shootout format for remaining four tables. The draw has been seeded according to chip counts and each table will play until two players remain. The eight remaining players will take their chips through to the final table and play will continue until we crown out champion.

Here's how they will line up, the seating order will be determined once the players have arrived:

Table 14: Melanie Weisner
Table 14: Joshua Foster
Table 14: Fabian Craib
Table 14: Radoslaw Kopec
Table 14: Oliver Speidel
Table 14: Trung Tran
Table 14: Sam Capra
Table 14: Peter Dykes

Table 15: Jamie Pickering
Table 15: Ross Parkhill
Table 15: Sandeep Pulusani
Table 15: Rhys Jones
Table 15: Aaron Lim
Table 15: Guang Lu
Table 15: Tom Rafferty
Table 15: Clemens Manzano

Table 18: Hans Dorn
Table 18: Michal Polchlopek
Table 18: Todd Bailey
Table 18: Harry Demetriou
Table 18: Bill Argyros
Table 18: James Obst
Table 18: Eugene Juczenko
Table 18: Vesko Zmukic

Table 10: Mark Betts
Table 10: Aleks Brkovic
Table 10: Sayed Jabbour
Table 10: Tsugunari Toma
Table 10: Eric Crain
Table 10: George Moussa
Table 10: Louis Srour
Table 10: Adam Cusenza