$100,000 Challenge

It Just Won't End

Jason Mercier

Under the gun, Jason Mercier raised to 2,000, and he found action in three places as Masa Kagawa (button), Gus Hansen (small blind), and Sam Trickett (big blind) came along for a four-way flop.

The dealer spread out {3-Clubs} {4-Clubs} {6-Diamonds}, and Mercier continued out with another 3,000. Kagawa called, Hansen tanked and folded, but Trickett decided to check-raise. He made it 11,500 total, sending Mercier as deep into the tank as the shot clock will allow. He was eventually given his ten-second warning, then a countdown: "Five... four... --"

"All in," Mercier announced, and that folded Kagawa quickly. Trickett had flopped the straight with {2-Hearts} {5-Hearts}, though, and he made the quick call with a chance to eliminate Mercier. He'd need to fade the flush outs to do it, though, and really, the {A-Clubs} {9-Clubs} was never in much danger if you know how these things go with Jason Mercier.

The {7-Clubs} turned right on fourth street, and that's easy enough. "Of course!" Daniel Negreanu chimed in from the adjacent table. The river {10-Spades} was unimportant as Mercier had already secured his double, and that pot moves him up to 154,000 as it knocks Trickett back down around starting.

Chip stacks
Jason Mercier us 154,000 47,000
Sam Trickett gb 100,000 -80,000

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