$100,000 Challenge

Smith Takes on The G

Dan Smith

In a battle of the blinds, Dan Smith came in raising to what looked like 19,000, and Tony G three-bet to 57,000(?) from the big blind. The amounts are educated guesses since we have no announcer and not much access to the table. But we're within a chip or two at most. In any event, Smith came right back with a four-bet to about 120,000, and that sent Tony G into the tank for his full allotment, and he threw his first Time Bank chip into the pot. After another 20-25 seconds, he made the call, and there was a big pot brewing as the two headed off to the flop.

It came {10-Diamonds} {A-Hearts} {7-Hearts}, and Smith took pause for several seconds before making a small continuation bet of what appeared to be 47,000. Once again, Tony G needed extra time, and he spent his last Time Bank chip to consider for another 30 seconds. When he was given his ten-second warning, he quietly said, "Pass," and slipped his cards back to the dealer.

Chip stacks
435,000 120,000
Tony G au 185,000 -120,000

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