$100,000 Challenge

Hachem Put to the Test


When we picked up the action, there was already a big pot piled in the middle of the table before the flop, and Mikhail Smirnov had another 200,000 chips out in front of his stack as a reraise. The decision was on Joe Hachem, and he had less than 180,000 chips left, so he was contemplating a call for his tournament life. Hachem used up his final Time Bank chip, and he sat pondering for as long as he could. The final ten seconds were announced as the dealer pressed the Start button on the timer.

Ten seconds later, the alarm sounded, and Hachem's hand was dead. He spent a few seconds smirking and chatting with Smirnov before showing his cards to the camera one last time and pitching them into the muck.

Chip stacks
Joe Hachem au 175,000

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