$25,000 No-Limit Hold'em Semi-Shootout

Dorfman Leads Table 32

Table 32 has had some nice pots already and Randy Dorfman is the winner so far. Romanello was down a bit bust just took quite some chips from Karmazinas who loses his profit.

On a {Q-Clubs}{2-Spades}{8-Hearts}{5-Hearts} board Karmazinas bet 1,000 from the small blind and Romanello called. The river was the {K-Clubs} and Karmazinas threw out 2,400. Romanello quickly raised to 5,100 and Karmazinas called. The Welshman showed {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} and took down the pot.

Chip stacks
Randy Dorfman us 57,000 7,000
Roberto Romanello gb 49,500 -500
Dominykas Karmazinas lt 46,000 -11,000

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