Aussie Millions Main Event

Ho Takes Down a Nice Pot

With 1,525 in the pot and a flop of {9-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{9-Spades}, Maria Ho bet 550 and was raised to 1,600 by her opponent on the button. Ho made the call and then checked the {Q-Clubs} turn. The button did not back down and fired out 2,500, but again Ho called.

When the {Q-Diamonds} appeared on the river, Ho checked for a second time and the button bet 6,000. Ho thought for about 45 seconds before tossing out three yellow T5,000 chips, constituting a raise to 15,000. The button gave it about a minute’s worth of thought before tossing his cards to the muck.

Chip stacks
55,000 6,500

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