Aussie Millions Main Event

POOF . . . Antonius is Gone!

Patrik Antonius

We didn't catch the exact details, but we do know that Patrik Antonius has been eliminated from the tournament after bluffing all in on the river with {Q-}{3-}. A woman in Seat 1 called holding {A-}{K-} for top pair with top kicker, and just like that, Antonius' day came to an end.

It was quite the ride for Antonius in a relatively short period of time. He was a late registrant, doubled on one of the first hands he played, and then lost most of his stack after having his pocket aces cracked by pocket queens. The good news is there is still a little over a half hour left to late register for the $100K Challenge.

Chip stacks
Patrik Antonius fi Ude

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