Aussie Millions Main Event

Get to Know 2006 Aussie Millions Champion Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson is the only former Aussie Millions champ playing here on Day 1a, and he has been holding his own. If you recall, Nelson, author of numerous poker books, took down this event back in 2006:

2006 Aussie Millions Main Event Results

Buy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
1stLee Nelson (NZ)$1,295,800
2ndRobert Neary (USA)$689,700
3rdNenad Medic (Canada)$376,200
4thShannon Shorr (USA)$271,700
5thJeff Sealey (USA)$209,000
6thRussell Davies (Australia)$167,200
7thWes Bugiera (Australia)$125,400
8thMark Vos (Australia)$83,600
9thKenna James (USA)$83,600

Nelson returns to the Crown every year for this prestigious tournament, and in a recent "Where Are They Now" interview with PokerNews, he explained why:

"For one thing, I do really well there. I think I’ve made more final tables at the Aussie Millions than anyone, anywhere. I think at last count it was something like 14 final tables. That’s not all Main Events, that is [also preliminary events] at the Aussie Millions. I’ve always had really good tournaments every year, and I love the environment, I love Crown, and I think the poker room at Crown is incredibly well run.

The Aussie Millions is one of the best run tournaments in the world. The dealers are very confident, the structure is excellent, it’s an excellent event, and it happens to be in my backyard, kind of like home turf almost."

Chip stacks
Lee Nelson nz 42,000 -5,000

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