Aussie Millions Main Event

Elder Charging

Rupert Elder

EPT San Remo winner Rupert Elder came over to our table about 35 minutes ago. He was looking for a iPhone charger and of course we hooked him up. While his phone was still plugged into one of our laptops he came over and said, "I'm running good! I went from 8,000 tot 40,000 since you're charging my phone". Elder had a big smile on his face and returned to his seat once again.

We walked over and collected the details of his two double ups. On the first hand he was all-in with {3-}{3-} versus {K-}{Q-} for his last 8,000. After this solid double up he raised to 800 with {Q-}{Q-} and the player three to his left called. The flop came down {8-}{6-}{4-} with one heart and Elder fired out 1,625. His opponent called and the turn was the {3-Hearts}. Elder kept betting and threw out 3,625. "He shoved for like 13k and I called" Elder said. He was up against {9-Hearts}{7-Hearts} and had to dodge many cards before securing his second double up. The {9-Spades} hit the river and that gave him a 40,000 stack.

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Chip stacks
Rupert Elder gb 40,000 30,000

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