Aussie Millions Main Event

A Special Gentleman in Today's Event

About two years ago Peter Eastgate sold his WSOP Main Event bracelet on eBay for $147,500. The money he raised went to UNICEF and afterwards we only heard rumors about where the bracelet went. Because of eBay's privacy rules, we never got to know who bought the bracelet even though there we numerous rumors about who it could be.

One of the names was Willie Haughey, a wealthy Scottish businessman who's known for charitable donations. The PokerNews crew is sitting right in front of one of the tables in today's event where Haughey was playing. During one of the breaks he asked for his iPhone to be charged and we got to talking. Haughey than pointed out he was the one who bought Peter Easgate's WSOP bracelet. "I want to give it back to the WSOP so they can put it up somewhere", the Scottishman said. Haughey also spoke about hosting a charity event with the WSOP as one of his ideas about what to do with the bracelet.

After the day is done tonight we will talk to Mister Haughey and find out what his plans are with the most coveted prize in poker.

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