Aussie Millions Main Event

Chan Hit by a Karr

We noticed Terrence Chan was no longer in the tournament and asked former tablemate McLean Karr if he knew the details. As it turned out, Karr was the one who did the dirty work. According to him, action folded around and he raised to 1,600 from the button. The small blind folded, but Chan moved all in from the big blind for 7,800, which Karr called.



It was a coinflip that initially came down in Chan's favor on the {A-}{10-}{9-} flop; however, a {4-} on the turn left him drawing dead. Chan was eliminated on the hand while Karr chipped up to 75,000.

Chip stacks
McLean Karr us 75,000 15,000
Terrence Chan ca Ude

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