Aussie Millions Main Event

A Little Burd Told Him to Call

JP Kelly was sat still, in thought, as he pondered calling a 2,000 bet from Ralph Burd on the river. Kelly started the hand with a raise to 300 from early and was called by a player in the next seat as well as Burd in the small blind.

The flop fell {q-Hearts}{4-Spades}{k-Clubs} and Burd donk-led for 300. Kelly was the only caller to the {7-Diamonds} turn where he bet 1,400 when Burd checked to him. Burd called and then led for 2,000 on the {a-Hearts} river.

Burd's line seem to confuse Kelly, so he took his time before calling with king-jack. Burd tabled the same hand and and they chopped it up.

Chip stacks
33,500 3,500

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