Aussie Millions Main Event

Good ROI for Rettenmaier

Marvin Rettenmaier strolled into the poker room with only twenty minutes to go in the first level. This didn't hurt his stack one bit even though he dropped 2,000 from the bat. Rettenmaier found his swing pretty quickly and ended up having a 5,000 profit in the first break.

The German told us a player in the cut-off limped after which the button called. From the small blind Rettenmaier raised to 500 with {A-}{Q-} and all of a sudden the cut-off three-bet to 1,400. Rettenmaier got heads up to the flop which brought out {A-}{8-}{4-} with a flush draw. The action went check-check and Rettenmaier lead out for 1,800 on the {3-} turn. His opponent made the call and the river was a {6-}. This time Rettenmaier bet 4,200 and once again his opponent called. Rettenmaier showed the winner and raked in the pot.

Chip stacks
Marvin Rettenmaier de 35,000 5,000

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