Aussie Millions Main Event

Dempsey Gets Bullied, Hard

James Dempsey

The action started off with a raise to 525 and James Dempsey decided to three-bet from the cutoff. The action got folded to Michael Kanaan who four-bet from the small blind to 3,600. The initial raiser folded his cards after which Dempsey threw out a five-bet to 6,600.

The pressure was now on Kanaan who went into the tank. Billy Jordanou called the clock but the dealer stated that Kanaan still had time. The young American, who won an AZNPT tournament in Sydney last year for $195,000, finally pulled out one of his earbuds and asked Dempsey how much he had behind. The Brit stacked his chips neatly and counted out 28,225. Kanaan threw in the six-bet to 10,000 and Dempsey sighed as he released his hand.

Kanaan didn't wast any time and flipped over the {5-Hearts}. "Nice hand" Dempsey said with a smile after which the other players at the table started chatting about this crazy hand. "There is some honest poker being played over here!", one player shouted. The only thing Billy Jordanou could say was, "Wow!" as the dealer shuffled the cards and the players got dealt another hand.

Chip stacks
65,000 5,000
James Dempsey gb 28,225 -1,775

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