Aussie Millions Main Event

Huntly Demolishes Aces

As we walked up to Dennis Huntly's table we found him stacking a lot of chips. After a count we found out he had 103,000 and that's the chip leader on our board. As we were counting a player walked up to his table and started ranting about the hand he just busting in. Against Huntly. "How can you call that with just a f**king flush draw!", Huntly wasn't impressed and politely said he also had a straight draw.

"You're f**king Einstein aren't you?" the busted player continued. "Please mate, you just had a f**king flush draw!", he shouted as the rest of the table waited for the storm to calm down. Huntly stayed calm the entire time and no floor person had to be called, the gentleman left and play went on like nothing had happened.

Another player at the table was so kind to explain us what happened. Bet sizes could be a bit off, but at least it gives you a good idea about what happened. The player who ended up busting raised to 700 and his neighbor, Dennis Huntly, made the call with {9-Clubs}{7-Clubs}. Action got folded around and the flop brought out {4-Clubs}{J-}{8-Clubs}. The initial raiser bet 1,100 after which Huntly raised to 2,400. Both players had around 50,000 and the initial raiser opted to three-bet to 11,100. Huntly went in the tank for a while before he decided to call.

On the turn the {K-Clubs} hit and the initial raiser bet 15,000 after which Huntly insta-shoved his remaining chips into the pot. His opponent tank-called and turned over {A-}{A-}. Huntly showed the winning flush and had his opponent drawing dead. Dennis Huntly is now our chip leader with 103,000.

Chip stacks
103,000 55,000

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