Aussie Millions Main Event

Soul Read

It's very late in the day and the players, like us, are very tired. Some brains are frazzled but some are still able to make good decisions.

Tristan Wade has one of those brains. He three-bet to 7,200 only to see Lorinda four-bet all-in for 33,300 from the big blind. The action was back on the American and he seemed to have a hard decision.

He asked the nice lady from Perth, "Do you have the same hand that got cracked in the bounty, that you weren't happy about?"

"Maybe," came the response.

"Will I get to see?" he probed.

"Maybe," was the only response he got.

He eventually opened folded {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs} and Johnson showed her {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}. "You did have the same hand!" laughed Wade.

"Only for you," said Johnson, opening up a bit more now. Johnson's husband came by my desk to make sure I was writing nice things about his wife and told me he really hopes she makes day two as last year she busted with pocket queens to jacks on day one. She in with a good chance now, Mr Johnson.

Chip stacks
Tristan Wade us 86,000 6,000

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