Aussie Millions Main Event

A Tough Table

Dan Smith about 12 hours ago

There certainly are a good group of notable and dangerous players in the field today, and a few of them have found their way to the far table up in the top section of the room. It's Table 42, and it first caught our eye because we spotted Sam Trickett and Tom Middleton both sitting there.

They're both Brits, and they've both experienced a bit of success in this building already. Trickett had a monster 2011 here, winning nearly $3 million in the span of just five days after winning the $100,000 Challenge and finishing second to Erik Seidel in the $250,000 Super High Roller.

It'd be hard for Tom Middleton to match that effort, but he does have a more recent victory, at least. The man they call "Middy" almost won a bracelet over the summer at the WSOP, but he had to settle for an Aussie Millions gold ring instead. Middy took down the $1,000 Six-Max event here last week, topping Joel Dodds to win more than $80,000.

Just as we were about to walk away, another Aussie Millions champion joined the fray as Dan Smith has just taken his seat in the nine hole. Less than 12 hours ago, Smith was busy winning the same $100,000 Challenge that Trickett conquered the last time around, so we've now got the previous two champions of that event sitting two seats apart in the Main Event. The night of celebrating doesn't seem to have worn on Smith too badly, and he looks fresh and happy and ready to play again today. A million dollars will do that for you, we'd imagine.

So far, Table 42 is the toughest one in town.

Chip stacks
Sam Trickett gb 30,000

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