Aussie Millions Main Event

The Swings Champ

Bryan Ruiter started the day, just like everyone else, with 30,000 chips but he's been having some crazy swings. Early on the Dutch pro got up to 52,000 but he dropped all the way down to just 3,500 after losing kings to aces and running a failed bluff.

Ruiter seemed to be almost out the building, but he got a crazy comeback going. First he won the blinds and antes with a shove after which he doubled with {K-}{Q-} versus {Q-}{J-} and was back up to 10,000. Then he raised under the gun +1 with {J-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and got called by the big blind. The flop came down {J-}{5-}{4-} rainbow and his 700 continuation bet got called. The turn was a {9-} and Ruiter misclicked by betting 5,800 instead of 1,800. His opponent shoved and Ruiter called, but he wasn't happy. Amazingly enough his opponent showed {J-}{3-} after Ruiter had called and he was up to 27,000.

A couple of hands later he got it in with jacks against ace-king and managed to hold giving him 50,000 chips. Ruiter kept chipping up and just got back from dinner with a nice 72,000 chip stack. One more reason to never give up in a poker tournament, there is always a come back just around the corner!

Chip stacks
Bryan Ruiter nl 72,000 59,500

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