Aussie Millions Main Event

Trickett Gone, Ivey Moves

Sam Trickett

The Macau fun talk didn't last long as Sam Trickett just busted out and Phil Ivey got moved to a new table. Tricket is no longer in the hunt while Ivey is sitting right next to Daniel Negreanu with his big stack. This could get even more interesting than it already was!

These were the Tweets Trickett send out about his bustout: "Busted the main event! Raise A2 flop KQ5 with 2 spades,bet and get called by women.the bloody 8 of spades hit the turn so decided to commit To making her fold all one pair hands,she called! River 8 I jam double pot and she had owned basically"

Chip stacks
Phil Ivey us 180,000 1,250
Sam Trickett gb Ude

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