Aussie Millions Main Event

Roberts v. Mercier

Jason Mercier

Not content with his victory here in the $100,000 Challenge last night, Dan Smith is apparently auditioning for a job at PokerNews. We just bumped into him in the middle of the floor, and he motioned us back over to his table. "You're gonna wanna check out this hand," he said giddily. "Mercier flatted a six-bet."

When we walked up to the table, we found Brian Roberts and Jason Mercier mixed up in a big pot. Smith told us that Roberts (under the gun) had six-bet to 13,075 and the five-betting Mercier (UTG+1) had flatted to see the flop. It was showing {A-Hearts} {5-Diamonds} {A-Diamonds}, and Roberts continued out with a tiny bet of 3,650. Mercier flatted again, and Roberts put another chippy bet of 7,350 in after the {Q-Spades} turn. Another call came, and the {4-Spades} filled out the board.

Roberts leaned forward to eyeball Mercier's remaining stack of about 24,000 before plunking out a big stack of covering chips. Mercier needed a long while to think it over, and he was shifty and uncomfortable in his chair as he tried to sort out what was going on. It was maybe five minutes before he finally took a few more looks back at the cards and slipped them into the muck.

The table they're playing is just underneath an elevated bar area, and there was a good crowd of spectators watching that tricky hand play out. "The fans want to see it," one of them yelled after Mercier folded. Roberts smirked widely, and it looked for a minute like he might oblige. He held his cards for about 15 seconds as the dealer pushed him the pot, but he eventually slapped them down on the felt face-down to leave us all wondering.

And Dan, you're hired.

Chip stacks
89,000 46,300
23,000 -29,000

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