Aussie Millions Main Event

Seven-Eight Off Suit? Why Not!

Bryan Ruiter

Dutch favorite Bryan Ruiter is mashing it up right now with a big 117,000 stack. Joe Elpayaa started laughing as Ruiter explained the hand he just won, it's a beauty!

After a raise to 1,200 Bryan Ruiter raised to 3,000 from the button with {8-}{7-} off suit. The player in the big blind, who had been messing around earlier according to Ruiter, four-bet to 8,000 and the initial raiser folded. Elpayaa was really kicking himself now and Ruiter smiled as he said he decided to call.

The flop came down {K-}{7-}{8-} and Ruiter faced a 10,000 chip bet. He opted to call and the turn was another {7-}. Gin for Ruiter who checked behind after his opponent decided to slow down. On the river a {Q-} popped up and it got checked to Ruiter once more. The Dutchman decided to throw out 15,000 and got called by {A-}{K-}. Good value for Ruiter who was planning on bluffing, but ended up not even needing to risk a lot of chips.

Chip stacks
Bryan Ruiter nl 117,000 38,000

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