Aussie Millions Main Event

Bad for the Brits

Chris O'Donnell popped by to tell his roommate James Dempsey of his demise, and we ear-wigged on the conversation.

An older gentleman opened to 4,000 and O'Donnell flatted on the button before David Vamplew moved his 24 big blind stack all-in from the big blind. The original raiser shoved behind and O'Donnell called all-in for 70,000 with pocket queens. Vamplew opened pocket eights, but both were behind to the pocket aces of their opponent who had them drawing dead after the flop.

It also seems as if Chris Brammer is out. He moved to table 24 just before the break with just 8,000 chips after getting it in drawing dead, and is nowhere to be seen now.

Chip stacks
Chris O'Donnell Ude
David Vamplew gb Ude
Chris Brammer gb Ude

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