Aussie Millions Main Event

It Ends

Jason Mercier - out

From the hijack, Tom Grigg came in raising to 3,400, and Jason Mercier three-bet small to 6,100 total. Grigg shoved in on him with {8-Hearts} {8-Spades}, and Mercier called off the rest of his short stack with Big Slick, {A-Hearts} {K-Spades}.

The flop came {Q-Hearts} {9-Hearts} {4-Diamonds}, a swing and a miss for Mercier, and he'd not be able to catch up to Grigg's snowmen. The {3-Spades} and {4-Clubs} filled out the board, and it's sent Mercier to the exit here in the middle of Day 2.

Chip stacks
Tom Grigg au 300,000 -20,000
Jason Mercier us Ude

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