Aussie Millions Main Event

The Party is at Table 30

The stakes are getting higher and higher, and so are the stacks. On table 30 we had to say goodbye to Jason Mercier, but his seat was quickly taken by Swedish player Robin Ylitalo. Ylitalo was chipleader for quite some time yesterday and is looking very healthy now with 220,000 chips.

On Tom Grigg's left we also welcomed a new player and that's Robert Lam who ended Day 1c with the chiplead. Lam just played a hand against Tom Dwan and found himself losing chips. Lam raised to 3,800 and got called by Dwan. The flop came down {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{10-Hearts} and both players checked. On the turn, the {6-Clubs}, Dwan bet 6,200 and Lam called.

On the river the {8-Hearts} popped up and Dwan bet 17,000. Lam tanked for ages and finally gave up the hand. "I caught a piece of that", Lam said as Dwan was stacking the chips. "I thought so when you tanked that long", Dwan said as play went on. Plenty of fireworks are still to come!

Chip stacks
Tom Grigg au 285,000 -15,000
Robin Ylitalo se 220,000 27,400
Robert Lam 210,000 11,600
Tom Dwan us 150,000 43,000

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