Aussie Millions Main Event

No Stopping This

There is just no way we are not going to see the biggest clash of the tournament over at table 30. The four players we mentioned before, Dwan, Grigg, Ylitalo and Lam, came to play. Grigg just raised from the hi-jack and Ylitalo didn't waste any time three-betting to 7,800. Action came back to Grigg who made it 24,400. Ylitalo is from Sweden and decided to put in the standard five-bet to 56,800 putting pressure back on Grigg. The Aussie was not impressed and decided to put it all in the middle. Ylitalo folded his cards and Grigg showed {A-Spades}{q-Hearts}.

Nadal versus Federer will be played tomorrow and until then this will be the centre court!

Chip stacks
Tom Grigg au 370,000 85,000
Robin Ylitalo se 159,000 -61,000

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