Aussie Millions Main Event

Obrestad Obliterated

Annette Obrestad had a tumultuous 20 minutes or so, first losing to a short-stacked opponent when her {J-}{J-} failed to overcome aces. She then doubled through Kenna James, followed by another double through an unknown player, putting her at about 80K.

In what would be her last hand, action folded to her on the button and she raised to 4,500, which the Minh Nguyen three-bet to 11,700 from the small blind. The big blind got out of the way and Obrestad shipped her stack, which Nguyen insta-called.



While Obrestad caught a six on the {6-}{8-}{2-} flop, she was unable to catch another card as two nines ran out on the turn and river and her Aussie Millions Main Event came to an end.

Chip stacks
Annette Obrestad no Ude

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