Aussie Millions Main Event

Koon Gets His Ducks in a Row


On a {2-Hearts} {Q-Hearts} {6-Clubs} flop, Jason Koon check-raised two other players who'd put in 8,000 apiece. He made it 21,000 from the big blind, and only one opponent came along the rest of the way — a gentleman in middle position who we infer was the preflop raiser and flop bettor.

The turn brought the {3-Spades}, and Koon continued out with another 32,000. Mr. Opponent spent some time thinking it over as a call on fourth would essentially commit him to the pot. After some time, he double-checked his holdings and slid the call into the middle of the table, leaving about 50,000 behind.

The river was a blank-looking {7-Diamonds}, and Koon didn't need much time to announce his covering all in. Mr. Opponent was smitten, shaking his head and fumbling his chips with a good measure of either confusion or frustration showing visibly. He shrugged a few times as if there wasn't much he could do about his spot, and he pushed the last of his stack across the line.

Koon turned over {2-Clubs} {2-Diamonds} for the baby set of ducks, and that would earn him the knockout. His opponent showed his {A-Diamonds} {Q-Clubs}, but top pair was second-best all the way. He's out, and Koon chips his way up to about 260,000 with that pot.

Chip stacks
Jason Koon us 260,000 70,000

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