Aussie Millions Main Event

Grigg Takes Out Ylitalo

Just before the dinner break Tom Grigg took out Robin Ylitalo. We asked the Aussie what happened, and he told us the following. After a limper Grigg raised to 7,200 from the cut-off and Ylitalo called from the button, as did the limper.

The flop came down {9-}{5-}{3-} with two spades and Ylitalo called the 8,600 continuation bet Grigg threw out there. The limper folded and they went heads up to the turn.

The turn was a {3-} and the action went check-check. On the river a {5-} hit and Grigg checked again. Ylitalo bet 17,000 and Grigg decided to put his opponent all-in. "He tanked for ages", Grigg said, but finally Ylitalo made the call. "I showed {5-}{4-}", Grigg smiled and he is now back up to 250,000. When we mentioned his big swings he smiled again and said, "That's always the thing with me". Grigg is far from done today and we could be up for some more interesting pots!

Chip stacks
Tom Grigg au 250,000 40,000
Robin Ylitalo se Ude

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