Aussie Millions Main Event

Flushy Falls

James Dempsey

Well, it's been quite a hard fall for James Dempsey here in the after-dinner session.

A few hands after his crippling at the hands of Jason Koon, we watched James Dempsey drop the rest of his stack and fall by the wayside. There was a aise to 5,000 and a call in front of Dempsey when he squeezed to 31,000 on the button. The gent in the small blind asked how much he was playing, then announced an all in reraise. That folded the other two out of the way, but Dempsey put his remaining ~22,000 into the pot to put himself at risk.

"I probably have three outs," he correctly surmised.

Dempsey: {A-Hearts} {9-Hearts}
Opponent: {9-Diamonds} {9-Clubs}

The board was dry and blank for Flushy, coming {3-Diamonds} {2-Clubs} {6-Hearts} {Q-Spades} {8-Clubs}, and with that, Dempsey has been reduced to the felt here in the waning stages of Day 2.

Chip stacks
James Dempsey gb Ude

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