Aussie Millions Main Event

Boom Turn For Barrett

Josh Barrett

We didn't witness the hand, but Josh Barrett was kind enough to let us know how he managed to now be sitting behind the largest stack in the room.

The action started with Barrett opening the pot to 5,200. Andrew Hinrichsen then made the call on his direct left. The dealer button then came along for the ride before the player in the big blind popped it to 15,000. All three players made the call.

On the {7-}{j-}{9-} flop, the big blind checked and Barrett led for 25,000. Hinrichsen then threw in a raise to 75,000. The other two players got out of the way and Barrett shoved his stack all in. It was around 300,00 to Hinrichsen and he snap called.

Hinrichsen turned over his {10-}{8-} for a flopped straight, and unlucky hand for Barrett to run into as he held {7-}{7-} for a flopped set. The {9-} on the turn changed everything as the paired board meant Barrett made a full house. A bricked river sent Barrett the pot and he now sits as the chip leader.

Chip stacks
Josh Barrett 610,000 478,000
Andrew Hinrichsen au 110,000 -280,000

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