Aussie Millions Main Event

James On The Up


The under the gun player limped and the rest of the table got out of the way before the Kenna James called in the small. The big blind tapped the table and the {3-Spades}{q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} flop was dealt. All parties checked as the {7-Hearts} turn was dealt. This time James led for 9,500 and the big blind got out of the way, while the under the gun player called.

The {5-Hearts} on the river prompted James to bet, this time making it 17,000. James' opponent sent his cards into the muck and James took down the pot. After he won the pot James got out of his seat and walked to the table next to his. The table in question had gathered quite the crowd as a hand involving Tom Dwan and Tom Grigg had been going on for ten minutes. "Thought i better join the herd," James said to our PokerNews reporters as they gathered all the action. Stay tuned for that exciting hand in just a few moments.

Chip stacks
Kenna James us 160,000 15,000

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